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Does my business need a Facebook presence?

Short answer: No. However, it’s worth while to note that while you may not “need” a Facebook presence, your business could benefit greatly from one. The built in advertising platform on Facebook alone is reason to start a business page. The local paper where I am from charges more than $350 on a newspaper ad Read More


Submit Your Website To Search Engines FREE

Over the years I’ve done a ton of small business website SEO audits and with the the risk of being frank, I want to tell you something, no matter what it is you paid for your site it is worth NOTHING if nobody can find it. If you want to get noticed online, you’ll have Read More


Positioning Yourself In Your Marketplace Using Social Media

Jack Trout’s concept of positioning started in 1969 with an article he wrote for a small trade paper named Advertising Age. With Al Ries, in 1972, he took the concepts of the article and wrote a book called “Positioning; The Battle For Your Mind” The book quickly changed the way we saw advertising. What is Read More

word of mouth marketing

Social Media Paves The Way For Word Of Mouth Marketing

Have you ever heard of the term “Word of Mouth Marketing”? Simply put it’s people talking about your product or service. You can apply strategy to do this purposefully, or it can be as a result of other efforts you do in marketing that gets people talking. Word of mouth marketing is incredibly persuasive. What Read More

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Corporate social responsibility a marketing gimmick?

The vast majority of us like when companies give back to the community, but a lot of people think that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is often a cynical marketing gimmick, according to a recent survey conducted on behalf of DUCA Financial Services. With 75 per cent of Ontarians reporting that they would prefer to purchase Read More